Dekolor is proud to be able to serve its customers the latest and most advanced technologies by integrating government identification systems.
Dekolor for more than 15 years has revolutionized the government identification industry providing solutions for driver’s licenses, gun licenses and police identification.

Our main service
Our driver’s licenses are based on 3 main elements, information capture and processing systems, the integration of this information and the issuance of a credential with the most advanced levels of security that our clients require.
With an unprecedented level of commitment and transparency, the service that Dekolor provides to its clients leads them to the highest level of satisfaction.

Our services
Our services extended to governments include beyond the issuance of credentials, we include innovative solutions and products such as mobile units, practical exams and theoretical exams.

Practical exams
We have a fleet of vehicles in which we can have practical exams, identify and certify that the user who passes the exam is fit to drive on the streets.

Mobile units
We provide our clients with mobile units capable of reaching rural and remote units, reaching 100% of the population. These units offer the same quality and safety service as our fixed modules. The mobile units are connected online to the central office via cell phone or satellite and provide all services in real time, guaranteeing the integrity of the final document issue.