Digital technology has given society many conveniences that have drastically changed, at the same time it has increased the risk of identity theft.
For this reason, biometric authentication is so critical. We analyze the level of security that our clients require and develop the best biometric authentication application.

Integration of biometric systems AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), iris, and voice identification.
Our systems work in conjunction with the civil AFISs of Printrak / Motorola, Sagem, and Cogent, with which we currently operate projects based on our biometric identification and comparison solution.

This solution consists of integration for user enrollment, storing the digitized information of each person for identification purposes, enrollment can be carried out through the capture of biographical data and it is possible to do it through one or several fixed stations and/or mobile enrollment depending on the particular needs of our clients.

The biometric information storage of our solutions is based on an extensible architecture, which allows the increase or decrease of information capture points based on the demand and the concentration of the information for its subsequent purpose