More than 5,000 citizens take a theoretical exam through the virtual license simulator just one week from the new manuals.

More than 5,000 citizens take a theoretical exam through the virtual license simulator just one week from the new manuals.

29 de April, 2021

A week after the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT) put into effect four new manuals for obtaining driver’s licenses, as well as access to a virtual simulator, a total of 5,432 citizens practiced online the Theoretical exam necessary to receive permission to travel through the country’s roads.
Likewise, through the virtual office available on the website, 2,566 users were registered and 3,437 manual downloads were made in their different categories.
As a result of citizens’ access to INTRANT’s virtual office, in the same week, online payment of taxes for the learning permit increased by 222% compared to the previous week.

The INTRANT virtual office, in addition to the driver’s license procedures, offers different services, such as payment of permits and freight transport records, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

The new manuals are separated by category according to the applicant’s interest: common knowledge manual; Category 1 license manual on specific knowledge for driving two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles; Category 2 license on specific knowledge for the driving of light motor vehicles, and Category 3 and 4 license on specific knowledge for the professional driving of heavy vehicles.
The common knowledge manual explains the processes for obtaining the learner’s permit and the categories of driver’s licenses, the examination process, vehicle plates, driving points system, vehicle components, driving techniques of the different vehicles, sanctions, and infractions, among others.

The new modality for obtaining licenses classifies and conditions the issuance of plastic, in learning permit, category 01 driver’s license in modalities 01a and 01b; category 02 that includes a supplementary authorization 02 + R for the use of a trailer of more than 750 kg; category 03-04 that also includes a supplementary authorization 03 + R for towing; category 5, and finally, the special license for people with partial physical disabilities.

The new training for drivers established by INTRANT, seeks that they have the theoretical, technical, legal, practical, and attitudinal knowledge, as well as possess the necessary skills to get behind the wheel of a car since between 70% and 92% of road accidents are caused by the human factor.
INTRANT, in its capacity as a governing entity, advances in compliance with Law 63-17, on Mobility, Land Transport, Traffic, and Road Safety of the Dominican Republic, including among its purposes the reduction of road accidents by 30% to 2020.