INTRANT will use car and truck simulators to obtain driver’s licenses

INTRANT will use car and truck simulators to obtain driver’s licenses

28 de April, 2021

The simulators will facilitate a greater precision in the evaluation of drivers as part of the road safety management promoted by INTRANT

With the commitment and firm purpose of reducing deaths from traffic accidents in the country, the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transport (- Instituto Nacional de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre INTRANT in spanish), will use a car and heavy vehicle simulators as a pilot test, to optimize the process of practical test for obtaining driving licenses, through Dekolor.
INTRANT, as the regulatory entity for, transport, and road safety, aims to promote road safety to reduce deaths and injuries from traffic accidents. In this sense, its Executive Director, Rafael Arias, considered that “the introduction of advanced simulation technology in the driver’s license process will contribute very positively to road safety, since it will allow conducting evaluations of the driving in a precise way, thus raising the level of demand for drivers ”.
Rafael Arias added that “the system automatically considers those specific points related to the rules, safety, and attention that are required of the future driver.

More accurate and consistent exams
The Simescar car simulator allows a practical driving test to be carried out autonomously, verifying the control points required according to the specific regulations. During the evaluation, the future driver will face various situations and simulated conditions with totally realistic dynamics and sensations.

Car and truck  certification, with the simulator
Dekolor, within the framework of the contract signed with INTRANT, as a provider of identification and document management systems, biometric technology, integration of identity systems, for the improvement and optimization of all processes for obtaining driver’s licenses, has opted to have Simumak as a technological partner for the supply of simulators for conducting practical exams for both light vehicles and heavy vehicles.

With the incorporation of this novel simulation technology, INTRANT seeks that users can have a more objective vehicle driving experience and closer to the reality that exists on the roads of the country, strengthening the objective of changing for the better the way in that citizens are mobilized.

We chose Simumak because of the high capabilities of its technology and the ease that the company offered us to carry out the project. They have accompanied us in all the steps to improve these processes for obtaining driving licenses, which always benefits road safety.
We are very satisfied with the advantages that Simumak simulators provide due to their versatility and ability to adapt to the specific needs they require.


About Simumak
Simumak is a Spanish company specialized in simulation SW that has been developing complete simulators (HW and SW) for education and training for more than 15 years. With a team of more than 30 professionals, the firm has installed more than 5,000 simulators around the world and is present throughout America, Europe, and the Middle East, in countries such as the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Italy, and Spain. As a result of his research on the learning process of driving different vehicles and handling multiple machines, he has identified the risks and circumstances that both novice and professional drivers and operators normally face to develop a highly immersive environment in their products. that simulates situations very close to reality to generate learning through awareness, prevention, and safety.

About Dekolor
More than 20 years of experience position Dekolor as a leader in its field, with offices in the United States and the Dominican Republic.
The firm is a provider of solutions and services in different countries of America, facilitating identification systems, document management, biometric technology, integration of identity systems, and traffic management, both at the air level, as well as land and sea, and office solutions. mobiles.

The National Institute of Land Transit and Transportation (INTRANT) is the national governing body of the mobility, land transportation, transit, and road safety system of the Dominican Republic. Among other attributions, it has the responsibility of issuing driver’s licenses and conducting education and road safety, orientation, and awareness campaigns for citizens, road users, and service providers for the prevention of traffic accidents.