To digitize is to modernize.

Document digitization is the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective mechanism for storing, managing and consulting large volumes of documents, in the form of digital images.

The problem for some companies is the accumulation of documents that are sometimes unmanageable.

The availability of a company’s digital documents allows immediate access to digital documents, agility in bureaucratic procedures, security in restricted access and a myriad of benefits that result in the optimization of all the processes in which documentation intervenes. In addition, the indisputable benefit of a drastic reduction of the occupied spaces for its physical storage.

Digital images can be stored on the internal disks of any personal computer, in disk arrays or mass storage systems, with backups on CD-R or DVD’s that guarantee their conservation in optimal conditions, a good example would be the one to store 300,000 sheets requires a space of approximately 80 m2, while 300,000 images can be stored on 30 CD-Rs.


  • Reduction of physical file areas and monetary savings.
  • Risk reduction due to documents loss and deterioration
  • Savings on paper, tonners, copiers, printers, filing furniture, etc.
  • Unlike paper, digital images do not lose sharpness, nor do they gradually deteriorate over time
  • The culture of photocopies and personal files within the desktop or network is eliminated.
  • Digital documents are shared over the Internet or on CDs, not through photocopies.
  • By complementing digitization with a document platform, it allows quick consultation of documents and a single existing file for each of the internal processes of a company.